My POP-UP Garden Tour




Today we started our tour by wandering down Main Street in Salt Lake City UT. As we walked we ran into a garden “park” along the side walk and fell in love with the idea, as we continued we found that it was a project created by artists in Salt Lake City.  These sidewalk gardens will only be appearing for a short period of time, through May 14, 2017.  This was a definite hight light of our trip today.  There were 8 “pop-up” gardens to explore and see.  Here are some pictures of what we found!



My Pop-Up Garden Tour


If you are looking for something fun and unusual to see in Salt Lake City, go down Main Street. Downtown Salt Lake City presents Downtown Garden Stroll: Parks Pop Up on Main located between South Temple (Center Street) and 300 South. These small gardens are placed on either side of the street in strategic places for passers to enjoy a place to sit, play, or even meditate. They all have some form of edible plants to brighten the scene and they are all artistically designed. But, hurry quick; the Pop Up gardens go away May 14, 2017.

What really impressed me about these pop-up gardens was the diversity in the plants and structural design. Not only were there flowers, but there were also herbs and vegetables at some of the gardens. This was different and unusual, therefore, really eye catching.

I had two favorite gardens that we spent time at. One had benches and tables with checkered boards painted on them and checkers and chess pieces so people can interact with each other while sitting and enjoying plants and sunshine. The other was set up as a Zen garden complete with sand and a rake. I had never run a rake through sand before and found it very soothing. It was a wonderful end to our tour.