Strolling Salt Lake City’s Main Street

Hi!  This post is more from mine and Shirley’s first adventure with the pop-up gardens.  We actually spent the whole day wandering up and down Main Street in down town Salt Lake!  It was great fun spending the day window shopping and enjoying the atmosphere of the city.  We rode the bus in from Kaysville, trying to get the most for our $$$ with parking, but we found parking for $6.00 all day on the corner of 4th and Main. Unless you plan to spend your time in the City Creek Mall or specifically Temple Square this parking lot is a gem.

You will see quickly that I am an architecture nerd.  I love buildings from almost all eras of human history and I love close ups of buildings as well.  Unfortunately I don’t remember when this or that was built or the names of the types columns etc.  I lost that knowledge somewhere along the way between college graduation and now.  Ah well, it’s still fun to see all the “pretty” buildings.

First Security Building
I love this building mostly because it’s caught between two modern buildings it would be out of place but it’s height adds it’s own weight.
corner of 2nd and main
in front of this awesome building are amazing artistic tiles seen below!
Ray's Barber Shop
This picture was taken by Shirley S Page, (not me :)). The incredible barber shop full of smells from another life time…ahhh….


honoring our fallen
When I saw this my heart was touched. I am proud to be part of a community that recognizes our officers who put their lives on the line every day for the protection and well being of our city, state and country. Thank you Officers Honey and Huntsman for your service.

This concludes today’s post, with any luck there will be another with some of the other pictures that I want to share but haven’t yet…I hope you enjoyed this stroll as much as we did.  It’s great way to get out and do something a little different,  to see and appreciate what most of us just drive or walk by without a second thought.